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Kathy Kiedrzynski founder of Kiyomee Blends has over 20 years of Beauty / Wellness Industry knowledge and experience, she is known for her attention to detail and a perfectionist in her trade. Recognised now as the creator of excellence and finesse in beauty services, she has empowered thousands of lives by assisting them in gaining control of their wellbeing and inner beauty, helping them reignite their self love and bring confidence back. She shares her passion and purpose through experience and her five-star rating and numerous awards reflect this. Kathy has taken her passion for helping others too new levels and created a pathway to inner health and vitality, from the inside out by launching her own brands. Recognised globally for her work, she strives to provide the daily nourishment they require to function optimally. She continuously furthers her studies and training to ensure extensive knowledge and creation can be applied in her range. She is one of the most renowned in her industry and created Belle Vous Day Spa, which too is one of the most popular visited today, to experience a peaceful and private retreat, a haven for contemplation and discovery. She has created the ultimate space for rejuvenation of mind, body & spirit. Her love for all things beauty, and dedication to her clients and their needs prompted her to create a daily routine and nourishment range to assist them in feeling healthier and happier within. 

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